Dreadlock Removal

What if I change my mind after getting dreadlocks installed?

The good news is that they can be undone! The bad news is that they probably should not be!

Dreadlocks can in fact be undone, but with A LOT more effort than it took to create them (as most of you would know, hair unfortunately gets knotted a lot easier than it comes undone). Therefore, the time and effort taken to un-dread matured dreadlocks simply is not worth it and the now un-knotted hair you are left with will be challenging to tame at best.

But if the need ever arises to remove your dreadlocks, we can certainly help you to undo them here in our studio, but our suggestion, as most dreadheads would agree on – is simply to cut them off and start again!

Or alternatively, you may want to consider getting temporary dreadlock extensions instead.