Dreadlock Installation & Maintenance

At the root of it all, Dreadlocks are essentially just portions of hair which have been encouraged to tangle and knot – plain and simple! All types of hair can be turned into dreadlocks and can even be created by yourself by simply palm rolling long hair between your hands to begin creating loose knots. There are many different ways to encourage hair to knot, lock and form dreads- however, it is very important where and how you choose to get them installed as proper dreadlock installation and correct care from the start can avoid unnecessary amounts of time and money being spent on maintaining and restoring messy roots and a head of locks which has grown out of control.

Here at The Knotted Sloth in Singapore, we rely on a combination locking method which primarily uses crochet locking techniques with very minimal, or no use of any backcombing to form our dreadlocks for all hair types; and without the use of any waxes and gels. Our professional, trusted and well developed crochet locking techniques create neat and tight dreadlocks which will not come undone easily with regular washes and minimal maintenance. Our dreads are also designed to be breathable and light making them perfect for the tropics or just about anywhere else really!

Whether you are after a more bohemian style ‘natural’ looking head of dreadlocks... or after a tighter, more evenly sectioned and perfectly curated set of dreadlocks – We’ve got you covered!

Our Rates for Dreadlock Installation and Maintenance

$ 100
Per Hour

for appointments booked from
Monday – Friday

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$ 120
Per Hour

for appointments booked on
Saturday, Sunday or Public Holidays

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