Synthetic Hair Dreadlock Extensions

This brings us to our final and most recommended variety of extensions!

Synthetic hair technology advancements over the last few decades have yielded a superior quality product which looks and feels exactly like the real deal for a fraction of the price that you would expect to pay for extensions made out of human hair.

Synthetic hair dreadlock extensions are identical to human hair extensions in almost every way except that they are not made to be worn forever. Mother Nature has outdone us here, in that naturally produced hair will always be stronger and more durable than any synthetic varieties of hair that we have available to us in this day and age. Therefore, if you are going to wear your dreadlock extensions more permanently and for a longer period time, we will always recommend human hair extensions over synthetic varieties.

Colour is another thing that doesn’t fade or change with natural hair over a long time. Human hair doesn’t deteriorate easily, can last several lifetimes and is extremely hardy against the elements meaning that it is able to retain its colour and tension better than industrially manufactured hair strands which are used for all kinds of synthetic extensions, including the synthetic dreadlocks which we offer here at The Knotted Sloth studio.

Extensions made out of human hair are clearly preferable to synthetic ones.

Then why is it that we still offer and highly recommend synthetic dreadlock extensions?

Synthetic hair extensions do seem to have their limitations but we still recommend them for several reasons when it comes to dreadlocks:

  1. Even though they are not made to last as long as human hair does, synthetic extensions are still made to last a great many years more than you will probably have the need for. Colour deterioration is an issue as we pointed out earlier – but as our synthetic hair is locked tightly to form dreadlocks, the deterioration in colour is barely noticeable even after a few years of wearing them extensively.
  2. Synthetic hair comes readily in a vibrant range of colours making them a great option for those who are looking to add some funk and flair to their hair or tips of their dreadlocks.
  3. They are considerably cheaper than extensions which are made out of human hair. Expect to pay less than half the price that you would if you choose synthetic extensions over human hair, and considering that they still last a quite a few years – they truly are a value for money.

Synthetic Hair Extensions at The Knotted Sloth are available in a large variety of colours, in addition to the regular base colours of black, brown and blonde.

Kindly enquire with us and we’ll be glad to show you the current colour catalogue which is available in our studio at the moment!

Synthetic Hair Extensions are made-to-order in the following widths and lengths:

Length, Widths and Prices for Synthetic Hair Extensions

Dreadlock Widths

  • Skinny – approx. 0.5 - 0.8 cm thick
  • Regular – approx. 1 - 2 cm thick
  • Thick – approx. 2 - 3 cm thick

Dreadlock Lengths

  • The Usual: approx. 25 - 30 cm in length
  • Daddy Long Legs: approx. 55 - 65 cm in length

Unlike our Human Hair dreadlock extensions, we do offer our Synthetic Hair varieties for order in single pieces or in bundles. Kindly refer to the price lists below.


Important to note that the amount of dreadlocks you will require for full head installation will depend primarily on the thickness of your hair and the width of the dreadlocks you have chosen for your style. In other words, if you choose to cover your head with thinner dreadlocks rather than thicker ones, you will need more skinny width dreads than thick ones. You can also mix and match dreadlocks of various widths to make an even cooler and more textured looking head of dreads.

In addition, all prices listed above are for dreadlock extensions only and DO NOT include installation.

Enquire with us and we can best advise you on how best to mix and match bundles of synthetic hair extensions for your desired style of dreads.