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The Knotted Sloth is Singapore’s first and only hair studio committed solely to the art of dreadlocks.

Keeping Your Dreadlocks
Fresh in the Tropics

We feature only the cleanest, greenest and most nourishing products made from Mother Nature’s finest ingredients.

Our Studio is Open
365 Days a Year

All-natural, Trendy and Affordable Dreadlocks by Appointment Only.

What We Do

What We Do

We provide professional, trendy and affordable Dreadlock advice & services in Singapore, including installation and maintenance. In addition, we stock a variety of dread care products, extensions and accessories all in one place.

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Everything Dreadlocks

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a healthy digest of all the information you will need to know about dreadlock care for a tropical climate.

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Our Products

We present to you only the finest, most nourishing, earth-friendly and sustainable products which are essential for the correct care and management of all your dreadlock grooming needs here in the tropics.

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The Knotted Sloth Cares

We are committed to donating 5% of all our monthly proceeds earned from dreadlock services rendered to a charity of our choosing.

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We Know Our Dreads

We Know Our Dreads

Our resident Dread Doctor has over a decade of experience with managing and installing dreadlocks and is well versed in creating various dreadlock styles for ANY type of hair. Come to us with or without ideas and together we will create the perfect head of dreads which works for you.

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How to Get Started

Here at The Knotted Sloth, we aim to make this entire process effortless and convenient for you from start to finish with no expectations or restraints put on you in any way. We want you calm and relaxed, just like we are so that you have only the best vibes and locks when you leave our studio.


Before you choose to book your first appointment, do reach out to us and kindly include the following information in the enquiry form for us to better process your enquiry and get an understanding of what sort of services you are in need of.


We will be in touch shortly thereafter and are committed to working closely with you in a timely fashion to shape your much coveted head of dreadlocks.


Once you are convinced and have made the right choice to engage in our services, we will fix an appointment date and time at your earliest convenience to get started!

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